Sean Connery provided the following insights into what Branding, James Bond Branding fundamentally argues is the critical role of product placement in 007 stories.

He had great energy and curiosity and he was a marvelous man to talk to and have a drink with because of the many wide interests he had. What made him a success and caused all the controversy was that his writing was such good journalism. He always contrived extraordinary situations and arranged extravagant meetings for his characters, and he always knew his facts. He was always madly accurate, and this derived from his curiosity. When he was discussing anything, like how a truck worked or a machine or a permutation at bridge, there was a brain at work and an enormous amount of research involved; it wasn’t just a lot of drivel he was talking. That’s what I admired most about him — his energy and his curiousity.

Playboy, “Playboy Interview: Sean Connery – A candid conversation with James Bond’s acerbic alter ego,” November 1965.