just reported the following, under a Monday, September 14, 2009, byline by Kate Pritchard.

Product-placement ban reversed

While James Bond has never been reticent about his preference for Omega watches and Aston Martin cars, product placements have been barred from the small screen for almost half a century. This week, the government is expected to lift that ban.

Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw is expected to signal on Wednesday that commercial broadcasters will, for the first time in decades, be allowed to advertise products within their own programmes.

This will provide a much-needed source of new funds for the industry, estimated at £60m a year, and a new advertising channel for entrepreneurs and retailers.

We can just picture it: Eastenders‘ Phil Mitchell will be selling bags of Pipers Crisps in the Old Vic, while Coronation Street‘s Rita Sullivan will be popping into Lush to buy toiletries.