Videos on the Internet as research tools

The following is ostensibly a commercial for the Omega Seamaster wristwatch.

Described as a “Cool ad to promote the movie ‘Goldeneye,'” this was Posted by “gmancine” on Youtube. It was put up on March 24, 2007, and has been viewed 111,288 times to date.

“1996 – Omega Watch Ad – 007 – Pierce Brosnan / James Bond” is the heading for this video; as it rolls, the internal title comes up as “The name is Seamaster, Omega Seamaster.” The featurette closes with the official logos of both Omega SA and GoldenEye (1995).

However— the watch dial shots are not of the same model wristwatch worn by actor Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in that film. They are of an Omega Seamaster type that he wore in every 007 film except for GoldenEye.

Didn’t think I should let too much time pass without mentioning this, after my Blog entry here yesterday.


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