Ian Fleming is reported to have joked that he “demanded or perhaps pleaded for three things in a wife.”

  • enough money to buy her own clothes,
  • able to make “incomparable Sauce Béarnaise,” and —
  • “she should be double-jointed.”

Source: Ian Fleming: The Man Behind James Bond (1995), recording a comment Fleming supposedly made one or more times to Robert Harling.

Through his famous alter-ego, Agent 007, Ian Fleming comments on the ideal wife in expanded, if not related detail. This through his short story titled, “Quantum of Solace” (1959), first published in Modern Woman magazine.

James Bond said: ‘I’ve always thought that if I ever married I would marry an air hostess.’


‘Oh, I don’t know. It would be fine to have a pretty girl always tucking you up and bringing you drinks and hot meals and asking if you had everything you wanted. And they’re always smiling and wanting to please….’