The “Quantum of Solace Clause”

Several years after “Quantum of Solace” was first published as a short story in the May 1959 issue of Cosmopolitan, it would appear that Ian Fleming had in mind to brand the name even more broadly.

… I have a basic alternation to propose in our tax laws, which will call, so that it looks properly portentous on the statute books, the Quantum of Solace Clause. Briefly, this will allow tax relief to those who, as judged by an independent tribunal, have given the maximum amount of pleasure to their fellow citizens. Most beneficiaries will, of course, come from the creative arts—acting, writing, painting, music, etc.—but they will also come from sports, politics and medicine. Such a clause would, I believe, have the blessing of the general public, it would greatly encourage the arts and it would serve to keep creative ability within our shores (copy to Inland Revenue for action!).

This excerpt comes from the March 1963 issue of SHOW.

It’s actually a footnote to an article bylined to Ian Fleming, titled, “Geneva: Thriller’s Capital,” subhead: “Behind its stable facade of Calvinism, conferences and crème Chantilly, Geneva hides its murder, mistresses and mayhem. Today, of course, it’s part of the Thrilling Cities reports.

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  1. Thomas D. Gore

    2010-01-30 — 3:46 pm

    Great Blog; always like to learn more about James Bond. I became aware of this site by individuals who contacted me regarding my study on female images in the Bond films. Glad to be a subscriber.

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