It’s been over 13 years since The Henry Ford museum in Dearborn Michigan hosted the then-travelling “Bond, James Bond” gallery.

Scroll down to the very bottom of its page titled “Past Exhibits” and you’ll see it mentioned. No photographs, no links. Just the dates (June 20, 2003-January 11, 2004) and a one-sentence description.

Behind-the-scenes exploration of the world-class production processes that made Bond films an international phenomenon.

Try finding it through your favorite search engine and you’ll be hard pressed to find much of an overall perspective. CBS News did a segment for The Early Show at one point. Detroit Metro Times invested a bit in developing its own unique feature. You can also read about it on City Beat.

Search for photographs and you’ll find even less. Credit for the broadest pictoral coverage may well go to “Jose,” who put together 34 images on the “” website.

That’s unfortunate. In many ways, this exhibit laid the foundation for so many of the official showings that have followed.

Thankfully, we were able to see this one in person.